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Most adventure park franchises use trampolines, fighting rings, bouncing games, rock climbing, or zip lines to entertain guests. That’s where ZavaZone has the advantage. We provide all of this and so much more. Our goal is for parents and children to leave without that “something’s missing” feeling. If a parent says, “I wish they had…” we haven’t succeeded.

Children Can Safely Take Risks and Get Fit with Our Fun In Motion Pledge

Who says health and fitness has to be boring? We sure don’t. Children want to explore, take risks, and get a little dirty. Why not let them have all this and more? ZavaZone believes in “Fun in Motion.” Children have adventures than playing stagnant video games. Our Fun Zones take the work out of workout.

The Adventure Zone Takes Fun and Fitness to the Extreme

The Adventure Zone is one of our most popular attractions. It provides all the fun and fitness needed to keep children healthy and challenged. The Adventure Zone is divided into five main courses. The most popular courses are:

  • High Ropes Course: Kids can safely work their way through 26 continuously changing obstacles wearing a harness attached to a cable. They balance on thin ropes, climb over ball-filled nets, walk on planks, crawl through moving tunnels and bridges, and zip line across open space, all while suspended nearly 20 feet in the air.
  • Ninja Warrior Course: Kids can tackle gladiator-style obstacles on our Ninja Warrior Course. They can run, jump, vault, climb, and balance their way to a heart-pounding adventure and get an amazing workout.

The Vertical Zone Will Have Children Climbing to the Ceiling

The Vertical Zone takes climbing to a new level. ZavaZone wanted to give our guests more than a dry rock climbing experience, so we turned off the lights, tightened the ropes, and invited our guests to face off. Here are a few of the exciting courses available:

  • Face Off: Our popular competition pairs friend against friend and mom against daughter. Face Off features a face-to-face climbing race. Just remember to be fair. Our judges are watching.
  • Black Out: We turned out the lights for this one. Pitch Black climbers take a journey through a pitch-black tube with only light coming from neon holds to guide their way.

The Jump Zone Adds More Bounce to the Traditional Trampoline

ZavaZone based its adventure park franchise off the idea of trampolines. So where would we be without The Jump Zone? Our 8,000 square foot Jump Zone lets children tackle any position with our gravity-defying equipment. The Open Jump Zone partners all guests in one large arena. Children will learn to play with others while being supervised by coaches on all four sides of the arena. Some of our other popular activities include:

  • Extreme Dodgeball and Jump Dunk: ZavaZone believes adventure park franchises should encourage a love for sports. We’ve reinvented two age-old competitions for a new experience. Watch the balls fly and children make slam dunks worthy of any NBA team member.
  • Battle Beam: Have you ever wondered how children blow off steam? They play wrestle. Our Battle Beam gives children the chance to win the gold and knock their opponent out, figuratively speaking of course. Our event is safe, only involves padded equipment, and the pit is protected with padded foam cubes.

Get Started on Your New Adventure with ZavaZone

Entrepreneurs and educators Josh Oboler and Joe Henry cofounded ZavaZone as a way to motivate families to get off the couch and play. The company offers individuals the chance to invest in a franchise for their community. Learn more about how to bring a family-focused active trampoline and indoor adventure park to your location.