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So, you’re more interested than ever in owning an indoor adventure park franchise, but what about location?
You’re right to ask that question; there is a lot to consider, but ZavaZone will work with you to scout the best possible locations. We know that a great family entertainment franchise begins with a great space. Here’s why.

Location Is Important for any Family Entertainment Franchise.

Location, location location. We’ve all heard the familiar catch phrase. Often synonymous with residential or commercial real estate queries, this mantra is crucial for family-based entertainment businesses as well.

Why? There are a number of reasons, but think about it like this. As commuters we’ve all experienced frustration when trying to access events and venues. Things get even more challenging when your children are in the car, and they’re impatient to get to a promised outing focused on their desire to play and enjoy themselves.
As the purveyor of this promised family entertainment franchise, ease of access via main routes, clear directions and parking availability all contribute to a positive experience for your customers. This is your new business. It’s also a great space for your guests to connect.

The Bigger the Better?

With an indoor adventure park, site selection can vary. Whether contained within an established mall, or in an industrial warehouse complex, there are likely location considerations you may have not thought of.

A large open space may seem like the perfect location for your new family entertainment franchise, but the actual size of the area will determine if the franchise will be viable. The ideal size for a new ZavaZone Indoor Adventure Park is between 25,000 and 30,000 square feet.

You need space for food and beverage vendors, and children need ample room to move around the different zones comfortably. Multi-zoning and how the park flows are also considerations. Consider the ‘non-jumper’ space, for example. Spectators are important too, and they need shelter and suitable seating from which to supervise the younger guests.

You may be surprised at the location’s popularity among the parents and other guests who are just there to supervise. They are still part of the fun, just on a different level. Watchers can become your business’ advocates when you make space and provisions for them to enjoy the environment as well.

That where the pros come in. Partnering with ZavaZone allows you the opportunity to access a wealth of location knowledge and experience. ZavaZone understands how to keep parents and kids happy, and we’re here to help you succeed. We’ve created systems to ensure that your family entertainment franchise works.

What’s Best for You, Works for Your Community too.

What’s so great about finding the perfect location for your indoor adventure park is that it not only serves as a great business opportunity, but your community will benefit significantly as well. Family time has never been more important. The need to get families off the couch and into engaging activities is well documented.

Fun, and social gatherings create harmony in communities. It’s where people form varied backgrounds can come together with one common goal – family entertainment.

Remember, you’re helping to create memories with your new family entertainment franchise. The best site will fit you and your community like a glove.

Take your indoor adventure park plans to the next level and contact ZavaZone. As a franchisee you don’t need to be an expert to own a indoor adventure park. With our professional know-how behind you, your new business will be up and running in no time.

Josh and Joe will help you scout the best location for your new family entertainment franchise. Invest in your future. Click here to contact us to discuss next steps.