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To own a family entertainment franchise may be your long-held entrepreneurial dream. If so, you’re smart. It’s a great business. Let’s look at the facts. As an entrepreneur, you’ve likely done research to familiarize yourself with market space. You know it’s a $2 billion dollar a year revenue-generating industry, which is enough to make savvy business people and investors alike sit up and take notice.

For Fun and Profit

Return on investment is, of course, a common performance measure used to determine business viability. ZavaZone Indoor Adventure Parks are happy to share the revenue its affiliated-owned parks have generated. While revenue will be based on a number of factors, including how you run the business, what follows is an example of one successful enterprise.

Period April 1, 2016 – January 30,
Monthly Gross Revenue1 $247,807.70
Monthly Customer Visits2 7,552

Current rules may permit a franchisor from providing information about actual or potential financial performance. Actual profits will vary from location to location.

It takes work and dedication to make a business work, but as an entrepreneur you already know that. What you may not know is that ZavaZone offers a considerable amount of industry knowledge and support when you chose to own a family entertainment franchise. We offer the start-up guidance, ongoing training and operational support you need to succeed. Further, our corporate image, brand name and proven operating system provide additional levels of comfort.

Of course, there are no guarantees in any business, but consider what you get when you partner with ZavaZone.
Franchisees get marketing and advertising backing, as well as the confidence to create a truly fun and profitable business. Additionally, ZavaZone offers the invaluable benefit of established supplier relationships. It can take years for a business to build the kind of network we offer. It’s literally priceless, and as a franchisee you have an opportunity to use this network while you learn the ropes – with all the support you need – while you’re making money.

Secrets to Success with a Family Entertainment Franchise

You don’t need any specific type of business experience to make your family entertainment franchise more profitable, but we can share a few secrets that will increase your chances. For instance, site selection is important to the overall success of your adventure park, but we’ll help you with that too.

As for the rest, do you have great people skills? Are you a genuine people person who wants to ensure your guests have the best experience? A sincere desire to understand the nature of this unique entertainment business, and a true enthusiasm about activity-based fun is what creates success. These inherent qualities will help make your family entertainment franchise a profitable business.

What does being a master of your own destiny mean to you? The lifestyle you can create from owning a successful family entertainment franchise is undeniable, and there are many rewards. The time is now to secure your piece of this growing industry.

Are you ready? Then jump to it! The ZavaZone team is here to answer all of your questions. Call us now or download our free brochure. Your new family entertainment franchise might be just a phone call away.