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Upon returning to civilian life, more and more veterans are looking to invest in franchises. About 14 percent of all franchises are owned by veterans, and this is no accident. Veterans make great franchisees, and at ZavaZone, we’re focused on making our one-of-a-kind, supportive business model accessible to former service members.

Veterans have special qualities that make them strong candidates for franchising. Many of them desire to be their own boss, while still having an established structure set in place by an operating headquarters. Veterans who own franchises also benefit from the camaraderie offered by franchise business models like ZavaZone Trampoline and Adventure Park.

Beyond Simply Obeying Orders

The front office team at any franchise is designed to guide franchisees and put forth a clear path to success. But franchisees aren’t micromanaged under this structure. This means that veterans who own franchises are doing more than simply following orders. They have a clear plan for how to succeed in their business, but it’s up to them to implement it. Owning a franchise gives people the ability to realize their dreams, but it’s also about finding their niche — what works for their personality, their market, and the rest of their team. It’s a great blend of doing things their own way and executing a plan set by the franchisor.

Following an Established Structure

Executing plans from above is an essential part of being in the military. Upon leaving the service, many veterans often miss certain aspects of the structured life that’s designed to ensure the cohesiveness of their entire unit. Veterans certainly know how to stick to a plan, which is why we encourage veterans to partner with us with our family entertainment center franchises. Our model is tested and designed with multiple revenue streams in mind, and we offer different levels of support and training designed to help franchisees achieve their growth potential.

Opportunities for Camaraderie

A franchisee is an entrepreneur in his or her own right but also shares a strong bond with fellow franchisees across the system. Camaraderie is essential to the success of any organization, whether it’s the military or a franchise like ZavaZone. As franchisees, veterans benefit from the comfort of knowing there are other people out there doing the same exact thing. Just like being in the military, becoming a franchisee in the fitness and family fun industry is like joining a tight-knit organization.

Are you a veteran interested in starting your own business? If you’re interested in franchising with a business like ZavaZone, a business that is more than just a trampoline park, contact us to learn more about the opportunities ZavaZone offers.